Need a car loan?

When you are ready for a new car but financial resources are lacking, a car loan can offer a solution. We offer car loans for both private and business purchases of a car.

Car loan - private

There are various options for a private car loan. This can be in the form of a revolving credit, personal loan or hire purchase. Depending on your personal situation and wishes, a choice can be made.


Car loan - business

With a business car loan, a financial lease is soon obvious. With this form of financing, your company retains liquidity and the car is owned by the company at the end of the term.


Car loan calculator

With the online car loan calculator you can immediately calculate what the possibilities are for you. This gives you an indication of the price category in which you can look for a car.

Financial Lease calculator

The financial lease calculator gives you an immediate online picture of the possibilities. You can also calculate the monthly installment when you make a down payment yourself.