The Best Bank for the Self Employed

It can be difficult to get a free checking account for the self-employed and freelancers. We compare the very attractive offers that entrepreneurs can offer for free. Corporate customers can best handle their payment transactions with a business account. At first glance, it makes no sense to the consumer that many banks differentiate between a checking account for employees and a checking account for self-employed and freelancers.

Business accounts compared

Business accounts compared

Companies, the self-employed, entrepreneurs and even small businesses need a business account. From the free business accounting for small businesses to the company billing for the large company can be found with us everything. Fund Bank is the best offer for the self-employed and the self-employed. For corporations, the bank is an important factor when it comes to avoiding costs. Otherwise, the best working account depends on the company and the demands on the bank or bank account (eg, must money be deposited?).

Fee pm incl. Which account is the best? As a clear test winner, the bank’s advantageous account (the account model for $ 8.90) was determined. From a monthly account balance of 5,000 on average, the company account can be managed free of charge. Unfortunately, the bank has lifted the release from the custody account fee at the end of 2017.

If you need a branch and have only a few movements, you should still look at the operating account of Dundes Bank or the bank. If you do not want to pay bank charges for your bank account and you do not have to rely on some services (eg a bank card), then the free bank account of the bank is the right choice.

For paperless reservations, the bank does not charge any account maintenance fees.

For paperless reservations, the bank does not charge any account maintenance fees.

So you can use the company account completely free of charge. The self-employed, small businesses and freelancers, who hardly or never need to invest money, we offer the company’s free company account. However, the MetLoan Account may only be opened by self-employed and freelancers (not a limited liability company or other entity).

MetLoan account is an official business account. The fees for paperless booking transactions are the most important cost drivers for a company account in addition to the account maintenance fee. For each booking, ie transaction on the bank account such as payment, bank transfer or direct debit, costs are charged. In a medium-sized company several hundred reservations come together quickly, which can lead to high costs.

Self-employed with many reservations should therefore accept a favorable booking offer. With the business account of BankCor, the booking costs only 0.03, but the account management already costs 30 USD. For companies with fewer than 300 registrations per calendar month, the bank’s account is cheaper and adequate.

There are no booking fees for the bank’s corporate account as it is only an online business account. The renouncement of local branches and the deposit possibility brings, with the company account of the savings bank still much more. Business comparison has not been bad, but for self-employed and freelancers, Fundbank’s business account is the best solution.

As a good and completely free variant offers the company account of the bank, for which you do not need a debit card. If you want to use a branch and a local contact person or make a deposit from time to time, you should use the “small” corporate Dt. Inquire bank.

Another bank account model from Dundes Bank can already pay off for many bookings. Increasing the base fee reduces the bank’s booking fees. In addition, the larger Firemen account offers free credit card and other additional services. If you have to leave a lot of cash in your company account, you can also flirt with the bank’s proposal, because the base fee will be reduced by 4 USD if an average balance of at least 5,000 USD remains in your player account for each calendar month or quarter.

Thus, everyone with an average balance of over 5,000 USD, a comparatively inexpensive checking account at a bank branch of the post, the fees per booking with 0.20 USD still slightly above those of the German. Bank or bank. The monthly billing price includes five payments to the company account.

In the other banks, you usually pay a premium for each cash deposit. The disadvantage is that the bank, which also offers an exemption from charges for the account, is not free for UG ‘s and Limited’ s. The best option for self-employed is the free company account of NBB. The best solution for self-employed people who do not have local offices.

Free account management also allows the user account to be used by small businesses or individuals seeking a secondary user account. For the company account of the net bank no fees arise, even if there is no monthly receipt and no use of the account. Hopefully the business account comparisons will help you determine the best company account for you!